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Wednesday, May 17, 2006 

Savant Syndrome

Overexposed, originally uploaded by Dee Johnson

Rarely, there are people who are suffering from
Autism or developmental disorder but shows an
Extreme talent in music, memorization or calculation.

Savant syndrome describes a phenomenon where
People with brain related disorders shows an
Extreme talent in one area, where they are
Considered as geniuses.

Ping Lian, an 11 old artist from Malaysia,
Has never received a proper education
In art and started drawing when he was
6 years old with a pencil.

Ping Lian’s work was sold for $100,000 for once.
His pictures which shows sureness of touch and
Quality of light in his pictures have surprised
Many people in the world.

Autism is known to be due to the
Damages in left hemisphere and the genius
Characteristics are controlled in the
Right hemisphere.

Savant Syndrome occurs when the
'right hemisphere's power' is under the shadow
Of the 'left hemisphere's disabilities', so there's a
Mutual relationship with the development of the
Right hemisphere of those geniuses without the
Brain related disabilities.


We call people with extreme talent
In one area 'genius'.
We call people with a disability in
One area 'handicapped'
But, the fullness in one area comes from
The emptiness of the other area.

- People have neighbors because no one is perfect -



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