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Wednesday, May 17, 2006 

Ruling over with morality

, originally uploaded by michale

Alexander, who was the king of Macedonia,
attacked many countries with his army,
destroyed towns and killed countless innocent people.

He finally got this city in the end of the west.
People in there were making a good living
without a single war.

During his stay, King Alexander could witness King Sai,
who was the king of that country,
was ruling over with morality.

One day, Alexander was having a conversation with
Sai about governing with goodness.
In the middle of the conversation,
two people came to King Sai and argued the issue,
which Alexander didn’t understand at all.

They were a purchaser and seller of land.
The purchaser found a treasure box clearing
the land for a farm. He wanted to give the box
back to the seller because he thought he bought not
the treasure box but the land.

However, the seller said,
"The box is the purchaser’s.
I never know there is the box if he didn’t tell me.
Plus, I already sold the land."

They asked King Sai to decide the owner of the box.

Then Sai asked if they had children.

The purchaser had a son and the other had a daughter.
King Sai smiled. He commanded to make two of them marry,
and give the box to the couple.

Watching these entire situation,
King Alexander said he would have commanded other
commitment if they had been his people.

King Sai asked how it would be.
Alexander answered, "I would put them in a jail,
so the box would belong to me."


"What? That’s not justice", Sai said.
"We call it governing according to the law",
Alexander returned.

- The more you want, the less you can control yourself。-



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