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Wednesday, May 17, 2006 

Overcome the difficulty!

me on the map
me on the map, originally uploaded by michale

Whenever I see softly weak and thin trunks of willows,
I am proud of them that have overcome
severe cold and high wind.

The new leaves sprout up from so thin trunks…
They automatically remind me out of you.

It took a lot of time to meet you.

Time I have passed so far, enduring
so many difficulties
to see you I have always missed…

It was too long, but I have never given up.
It was too painful, but I could bear and forbear it.

Owing to you, the cold
winter could wait for the warm spring.

Owing to you, the really hot
summer could be cool like iced water.

You always deeply move
me everyday and every time.

Lots of days I stayed up all night…
However, the time is precious
and valuable for me now.

Owing to you, the entire
world is clear and pure.


For me, even a moment is really important.
I do not want to lose the moment.

The time I am with you is fainting
with meeting at the same time.

- I am not regret the time spending on fainting -



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