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Wednesday, May 17, 2006 

An old woman talking with flowers

Sun-We visited the beautiful Keukenhof gardens. Spring is a little late this year, so most of the outdoor tulips were yet to flower. There were many daffodils out, however, and a wide selection of indoor plants, including many fancy tulips, most of which didn't appear to be suitable for outdoor growing. The plant labelling was top notch, presumably because the bulb sellers wanted people to be able to identify the bulbs for later purchase, but very few details were given, possibly because the details would have needed to be in multiple languages.<br /><br />We visited Keukenhof with the Lindbergh's "Keukenhof and flower fields" tour. There was very little flower fields (i.e. we drove past them slowly), and nine hours at Keukenhof (shorter tours also available). The nine hour tour is only recommended for the horticulturally minded. The tour left from the Dam in central Amsterdam. The windows of the buses had not been cleaned with a view to photography through glass.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
Sun, originally uploaded by Stuart Yeates

When an old woman is going out, she says,
"I'm going out now. See you soon."

When she is coming back, she says,
"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry"
"You look so thirsty. I will give you some water, baby."
"You were lonely, weren't you?"
"I will love you much more than before."

She always says,
"I love you. I love you so much!"

Who does she talk with?
An old woman, Mrs. Kim Hyo-jin,
who lives near my house,
is always talking with her flowers
she raise in her house.

It is not an insincerely dry conversation.
She talks with the flowers from the bottom
of her heart, by using all her strength.
In fact, it came as a surprise for me to
understand at first.

However, after visiting her house one day,
I realized that my dry mind was getting wet and refresh.
Looking around, I found it was warm enough.
That is why the world is still happy place to live.


Can you talk with flowers?
Do you have enough composure to have time with them?
Although you are so busy today,
how about buying a flowerpot on the way home
you can talk with anytime? Whisper your story to the flower.
"I love you, my flower."

- If you start talking with flowers, you will love the world. -



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