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Wednesday, May 17, 2006 

My life found in a stolen bag

When I was a middle school student in 1986
Cheong-Ju, Chungbuk , I wasn’t a good kid.
Hanging around with friends,
I did everything you could call 'bad things' with them.

My only concern was how I could get dirty
money for my little 'entertainment'.
One of the best ways was stealing texts from
other kids' school bags,
so I could sell them and get the money.

One day, stealing a school bag as usual,
I was throwing away stuffs in the bag into an outfall.
Suddenly, I couldn't take my eyes off a name on the note.

It was one of my classmates.
I hesitated for a moment,
but it was too late to get it back to where it had been.
So I just sold the books to a used-book store
as soon as possible.
Having two dollars in my hand,
I went to the regular comic book store and
played slot machine games.

Next day, I encountered him face to face.
My heart was beating like rock and roll music drum,
but I pretended nothing happened.

However, after the day he lost his bag,
he couldn't wear glasses for almost a year.
His glasses were in the bag I threw away.
The saddest part was he was living his mom
without father and so poor that
he couldn't buy new glasses.

I felt guilty for a while,
then made a decision.
"Sang-Don, don’t wander anymore.
You're living a wonderful life.
There are thousands of people who are
in much worse situation than you are.
Try to help other people.
That's all you have to do."

I finally got the compass after hurting myself.
I found my life in the stolen school bag.
The compass I found has been guiding me to
the right way since that day.


Hurting time could give you genuine dawn,
and sometimes change you life.
You can think of other people' scar by
reflecting your own one.
It gives you time to examine yourself.

- Don't take it too hard even when you are depressed -

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