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Wednesday, May 17, 2006 

My friend, President Amoeba

Orange tree
Orange tree, originally uploaded by Dee Johnson

My friend, President Amoeba

When I was a middle school student,
there was a friend of mine whose nickname was 'amoeba'.

As you know, the amoeba is a unicellular animal
and we thought it was a silly animal at that time.
I think that he looked like an amoeba because
we happened to know that his IQ was around 80,
he was living with his handicapped parents in an old shack.
In addition, he was poor and he was always wearing worn
and unfitted cloths received from his neighbors.

One day, he became my mate sitting next to me.
I thought that friends would make fun of me because
I was his mate, so I said to him, staring down,
"Don't pretend that you get on well with me! Just my luck!".
And then I also made sport of him with the other friends.

Some friends stronger than him were always taking
his money and even trying to tease him more than anybody else.

He could not bear our insult and went to another school.
Since then, the amoeba friend eventually vanished from our memory.

After 20 years, today, I encountered him, so-called 'amoeba',
on the street. He was a president of a famous venture business.

He said that he quit school due to seriously teasing friends
and started doing part time jobs in daytime and studying
English at night. He passed the qualification examination for
college entrance by himself and went to America to study with
the money he saved from his part time jobs.

While the other friends and I were looking for
another friend we could call 'amoeba'


Among the people we are pointing the finger of blame
and speaking ill of behind their back,
is there anybody who is actually more foolish than us?

- In fact, there are a lot of people better than you -



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