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Wednesday, May 17, 2006 

The mother bird was dying, but even then...

Waddle This Way
Waddle This Way, originally uploaded by Finiky

A friend of mine living in Daegu really likes birds.
He gives a present, a pair of birds,
to everyone who visits him first.

He has a reason why he gives birds to people.

One day, a pair of birds came to his house.
The birds came back to there every evening
for several days.

So, he made a place for them.
They started nest building
and laid some eggs in the nest.
A few days later,
the mother bird hatched out two baby birds.

He was deeply in the pleasure of seeing
the birds' peaceful appearance every day.
It was happiness that he got in his boring daily life.

He used to ask their health first right
after he was returning home.

One winter day, however,
he forgot closing the window next to the birds' nest.
He always closed it for the birds,
but he went to bed with the window open that day.

In the morning, it suddenly occurred to him
that he had not closed the window.
He rushed to the nest, but...
The mother bird was dead from cold,
embracing her husband and babies using her wings.

The other three birds were ok in her bosom.

This is mother’s love.
This is love for family.

- Mother’s love of her family is endless. -



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