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Wednesday, May 17, 2006 

I sing your song

Storm, originally uploaded by Dee Johnson

You, my love...
I sing your song

You are the brightest purity
Your purity is like the morning sky
You shine brighter than the morning star

You are a movement
You move so fast,
I can’t take my eyes off you even for a second

You are a considerate thought
You make everybody wonder,
'How can someone be so considerate?'

You are a humble spirit
By lowering yourself, you raise everyone else...
Who is the world can be so humble?

You are wisdom
Whenever I feel sorrow,
You give me wisdom brightest in the world

You are endurance
Whenever I kick and scream,
I stop at once looking at how you endure.
You are endurance itself.

You are my love
Since first meeting you,
You have stayed unchanging,
And I don’t have any regret even if I die now.


It’s Monday.
Our bodies and minds should be refreshed.
Yet, our bodies are still tired.

This week...
Be a person who can strengthen others.
I am happy because of you.

You are my strength
I will be your strength.

- This week, sing a song for you... Sing your song -




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