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Wednesday, May 17, 2006 

Get over stage fright

, originally uploaded by michale

Many people feel stage fright
Which makes their faces flushed
And they stammer as well just by
Standing on the podium

They must overcome it
If they want to succeed

How can they overcome stage fright?

1. They should change their ideas about themselves
Try to think, "I will be able to overcome it.
In order to cure stage fright,
I will carry out my plans step by step."
And make your determination into plans

2. Speak before a large mirror
Speak to yourself defiantly
Never stutter even before yourself
Next, speak in front of your family
Little by little, try to speak before a large audience

3. Almost everybody feels stage fright
Even singers and public speakers
Even one of the most eloquent
Feels nervous before a large audience

4. If you want to succeed, take action right now.
People have good judgement on themselves
But only few of them take action
Memorize the lyrics of a pop song
And read it by heart before a mirror


Those who have already overcome stage fright
Say all at once,
"It was not any worse than I thought."
Try to take action, now.

- A try will make you free from stage fright -



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