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Wednesday, May 17, 2006 

Empty boat

-at the start of my workday thursday
, originally uploaded by michale

If a man getting across a river by boat collides
against an empty boat, he would not get angry
no matter how bad man he may be.
Because it is just an empty boat nobody is in.

On the other hand, if there were somebody in the boat,
he would call out to the person to get out of
the way of his way.
Even so, if the person could not become aware of his warning,
he would shout again and start hurling a torrent of abuse.

These all happen because there is somebody in the boat.
If there were nobody, he would not shout and get angry.

Getting cross the world,
if you can make you boat empty,
nobody will quarrel with you. Nobody will hurt you.


Why and for what are you struggling?
Make you mind empty, and you will feel comfortable
and you will not have any trouble with other people.

- Have a nice day, feeling easy. -



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