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Wednesday, May 17, 2006 

Element of company's success

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It is 4 AM. It is so early that the sun does not rise,
but neatly dressed CEOs are coming to a plant.

The CEOs are going to attend a lesson in Samson
Precision Machine at 4 AM.
Various people including professional managers
and students are also attending the lesson.
The reason is why they want to learn know-how
from Yang Yong-sik,
President of Samson Precision Machine.

President Yang Yong-sik has lectured over 800 times
on management renovation for businessmen
and government employees.

A peculiar thing is that he instructs people
early in the morning. The reason is simple.
He thought that he could not give a lecture from
8 AM to 5 PM because the period is working hours,
so he chose dawn or night for his lecture.

With this unique way of thinking,
the Samson Precision Machine has become a benchmarking
case of other enterprises every year.
President Yang Yong-sik emphasizes only two things
for the people attending his lecture.

One is time technology.
He proposes that all employees divide annual salary
into second unit. If they do that, the time for
smoking is 2,200 won (2.5 dollars)
and coffee break time is 4,500 won (4.5 dollars).
He believes that this time technology avoid wasting
time unnecessarily.

The other is '5S Movement', a management renovation
strategy focusing on arranging all sorts of things
in order. He thinks that people can save money if
only they replace the thing after they finish using it.

After this strategic campaign, nobody goes
somewhere to find a thing but to bring it
in the Samson Precision Machine. Owing to this,
3 employees can work a duty that 5 employees used to do.

In addition, with this strategy,
the Samson Precision Machine became a model
company developing every year.


If you arrange things in order,
you can reduce the time to find them.

Your life can be changed by how to
use 1 minute and 1 second.

Do you want to be a person making full use of time?
Or, do you want to be a person wasting time unnecessarily?

- Wasting time is wasting life. -



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