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My friend, President Amoeba

Orange tree
Orange tree, originally uploaded by Dee Johnson

My friend, President Amoeba

When I was a middle school student,
there was a friend of mine whose nickname was 'amoeba'.

As you know, the amoeba is a unicellular animal
and we thought it was a silly animal at that time.
I think that he looked like an amoeba because
we happened to know that his IQ was around 80,
he was living with his handicapped parents in an old shack.
In addition, he was poor and he was always wearing worn
and unfitted cloths received from his neighbors.

One day, he became my mate sitting next to me.
I thought that friends would make fun of me because
I was his mate, so I said to him, staring down,
"Don't pretend that you get on well with me! Just my luck!".
And then I also made sport of him with the other friends.

Some friends stronger than him were always taking
his money and even trying to tease him more than anybody else.

He could not bear our insult and went to another school.
Since then, the amoeba friend eventually vanished from our memory.

After 20 years, today, I encountered him, so-called 'amoeba',
on the street. He was a president of a famous venture business.

He said that he quit school due to seriously teasing friends
and started doing part time jobs in daytime and studying
English at night. He passed the qualification examination for
college entrance by himself and went to America to study with
the money he saved from his part time jobs.

While the other friends and I were looking for
another friend we could call 'amoeba'


Among the people we are pointing the finger of blame
and speaking ill of behind their back,
is there anybody who is actually more foolish than us?

- In fact, there are a lot of people better than you -


Overcome the difficulty!

me on the map
me on the map, originally uploaded by michale

Whenever I see softly weak and thin trunks of willows,
I am proud of them that have overcome
severe cold and high wind.

The new leaves sprout up from so thin trunks…
They automatically remind me out of you.

It took a lot of time to meet you.

Time I have passed so far, enduring
so many difficulties
to see you I have always missed…

It was too long, but I have never given up.
It was too painful, but I could bear and forbear it.

Owing to you, the cold
winter could wait for the warm spring.

Owing to you, the really hot
summer could be cool like iced water.

You always deeply move
me everyday and every time.

Lots of days I stayed up all night…
However, the time is precious
and valuable for me now.

Owing to you, the entire
world is clear and pure.


For me, even a moment is really important.
I do not want to lose the moment.

The time I am with you is fainting
with meeting at the same time.

- I am not regret the time spending on fainting -


Get over stage fright

, originally uploaded by michale

Many people feel stage fright
Which makes their faces flushed
And they stammer as well just by
Standing on the podium

They must overcome it
If they want to succeed

How can they overcome stage fright?

1. They should change their ideas about themselves
Try to think, "I will be able to overcome it.
In order to cure stage fright,
I will carry out my plans step by step."
And make your determination into plans

2. Speak before a large mirror
Speak to yourself defiantly
Never stutter even before yourself
Next, speak in front of your family
Little by little, try to speak before a large audience

3. Almost everybody feels stage fright
Even singers and public speakers
Even one of the most eloquent
Feels nervous before a large audience

4. If you want to succeed, take action right now.
People have good judgement on themselves
But only few of them take action
Memorize the lyrics of a pop song
And read it by heart before a mirror


Those who have already overcome stage fright
Say all at once,
"It was not any worse than I thought."
Try to take action, now.

- A try will make you free from stage fright -


Ruling over with morality

, originally uploaded by michale

Alexander, who was the king of Macedonia,
attacked many countries with his army,
destroyed towns and killed countless innocent people.

He finally got this city in the end of the west.
People in there were making a good living
without a single war.

During his stay, King Alexander could witness King Sai,
who was the king of that country,
was ruling over with morality.

One day, Alexander was having a conversation with
Sai about governing with goodness.
In the middle of the conversation,
two people came to King Sai and argued the issue,
which Alexander didn’t understand at all.

They were a purchaser and seller of land.
The purchaser found a treasure box clearing
the land for a farm. He wanted to give the box
back to the seller because he thought he bought not
the treasure box but the land.

However, the seller said,
"The box is the purchaser’s.
I never know there is the box if he didn’t tell me.
Plus, I already sold the land."

They asked King Sai to decide the owner of the box.

Then Sai asked if they had children.

The purchaser had a son and the other had a daughter.
King Sai smiled. He commanded to make two of them marry,
and give the box to the couple.

Watching these entire situation,
King Alexander said he would have commanded other
commitment if they had been his people.

King Sai asked how it would be.
Alexander answered, "I would put them in a jail,
so the box would belong to me."


"What? That’s not justice", Sai said.
"We call it governing according to the law",
Alexander returned.

- The more you want, the less you can control yourself。-


I sing your song

Storm, originally uploaded by Dee Johnson

You, my love...
I sing your song

You are the brightest purity
Your purity is like the morning sky
You shine brighter than the morning star

You are a movement
You move so fast,
I can’t take my eyes off you even for a second

You are a considerate thought
You make everybody wonder,
'How can someone be so considerate?'

You are a humble spirit
By lowering yourself, you raise everyone else...
Who is the world can be so humble?

You are wisdom
Whenever I feel sorrow,
You give me wisdom brightest in the world

You are endurance
Whenever I kick and scream,
I stop at once looking at how you endure.
You are endurance itself.

You are my love
Since first meeting you,
You have stayed unchanging,
And I don’t have any regret even if I die now.


It’s Monday.
Our bodies and minds should be refreshed.
Yet, our bodies are still tired.

This week...
Be a person who can strengthen others.
I am happy because of you.

You are my strength
I will be your strength.

- This week, sing a song for you... Sing your song -



Savant Syndrome

Overexposed, originally uploaded by Dee Johnson

Rarely, there are people who are suffering from
Autism or developmental disorder but shows an
Extreme talent in music, memorization or calculation.

Savant syndrome describes a phenomenon where
People with brain related disorders shows an
Extreme talent in one area, where they are
Considered as geniuses.

Ping Lian, an 11 old artist from Malaysia,
Has never received a proper education
In art and started drawing when he was
6 years old with a pencil.

Ping Lian’s work was sold for $100,000 for once.
His pictures which shows sureness of touch and
Quality of light in his pictures have surprised
Many people in the world.

Autism is known to be due to the
Damages in left hemisphere and the genius
Characteristics are controlled in the
Right hemisphere.

Savant Syndrome occurs when the
'right hemisphere's power' is under the shadow
Of the 'left hemisphere's disabilities', so there's a
Mutual relationship with the development of the
Right hemisphere of those geniuses without the
Brain related disabilities.


We call people with extreme talent
In one area 'genius'.
We call people with a disability in
One area 'handicapped'
But, the fullness in one area comes from
The emptiness of the other area.

- People have neighbors because no one is perfect -


Is there a hope?

today in Acapulco
today in Acapulco, originally uploaded by michale

It has been two years since I am out of job in my 40’s.
I have so far tried to live my life positively
and energetically and never lost my hope.
I even tried to overcome the hardships in my family.
I have sold my apartment and lived in a rent room instead
But tried to give my children decent education
Even when I was in financial trouble because
I believed in good education.

I have drunk more and more and even started
Smoking again that I had refrained from for eight years.
My wife never blamed me so far.
She gave me much courage and strength and I felt grateful
Since my hardships would turn into good life experiences
Later in my life.

However, my wife has become harsh on me recently.
I know how tiring her job is that pays her only
600,000 won a month
I have watched my wife crying from behind
I cried as much as my wife and I felt for her
But I have been harsh on her from time to time
I feel guilty all the time but my apology
does not work any more because
Apologies cannot heal the hardships.

I thought of suicide every once in a while
but I feel like it very much these days
I go out to smoke because my daughter does not like me smoking
I think to myself while smoking in the veranda
'Will I die if I fall down from here?
But what about my daughter and son?
How my wife would manage them without me?'

My life is too harsh on me.
But I cannot think about stealing money from others
Why did I not realize that money is really important in life?
When my father died ten years ago,
my family business went bankrupt
And my family went bankrupt which made me miserable
Why did I not make much money after that?
I am regretful indeed
But I have tried to be optimistic thinking that
Hard work will change my life
I will have a better future,
I tried to comfort myself this way.

But I am scared now
Is there a hope?
For years, I had contributed my meager money to you
But I cannot continue it because I am almost broke.
All these hardships, I thought, would turn into good
I would be able to get over them,
I miss those days when I used be positive
When I had had a hope of sorts.

I have just seen my families sleeping
Then, I have cried
Going over the good letters that I have kept in a box
to give my children when they grow up
the letters told me that there were more people who
suffered from greater hardships than mine,
but they overcame the troubles with their lives on track
But what am I doing?

I cried over the sad letters
Then, I cried over my troubles,
And then, I cry over my lost self
I know I cry too much
I could cry even more if my tears can cure my life
But they cannot do it
Tears do not help what it really is
Why am I shedding tears without meaning?

I know my letter is pointless.
Thank you for reading it, reading my grumbles.
I will go to bed after I see my sleeping children again


The pain and solitude, I could read them in your letter
And it makes my heart ache ever more
Mr, Hanmam, please contact The Early Morning Letters,
14 million subscribers will stay with you
You can overcome your troubles by working together with others
Share your sorrow so that you could lessen your burden

- Share your pain with us -


The mother bird was dying, but even then...

Waddle This Way
Waddle This Way, originally uploaded by Finiky

A friend of mine living in Daegu really likes birds.
He gives a present, a pair of birds,
to everyone who visits him first.

He has a reason why he gives birds to people.

One day, a pair of birds came to his house.
The birds came back to there every evening
for several days.

So, he made a place for them.
They started nest building
and laid some eggs in the nest.
A few days later,
the mother bird hatched out two baby birds.

He was deeply in the pleasure of seeing
the birds' peaceful appearance every day.
It was happiness that he got in his boring daily life.

He used to ask their health first right
after he was returning home.

One winter day, however,
he forgot closing the window next to the birds' nest.
He always closed it for the birds,
but he went to bed with the window open that day.

In the morning, it suddenly occurred to him
that he had not closed the window.
He rushed to the nest, but...
The mother bird was dead from cold,
embracing her husband and babies using her wings.

The other three birds were ok in her bosom.

This is mother’s love.
This is love for family.

- Mother’s love of her family is endless. -


Element of company's success

, originally uploaded by michale

It is 4 AM. It is so early that the sun does not rise,
but neatly dressed CEOs are coming to a plant.

The CEOs are going to attend a lesson in Samson
Precision Machine at 4 AM.
Various people including professional managers
and students are also attending the lesson.
The reason is why they want to learn know-how
from Yang Yong-sik,
President of Samson Precision Machine.

President Yang Yong-sik has lectured over 800 times
on management renovation for businessmen
and government employees.

A peculiar thing is that he instructs people
early in the morning. The reason is simple.
He thought that he could not give a lecture from
8 AM to 5 PM because the period is working hours,
so he chose dawn or night for his lecture.

With this unique way of thinking,
the Samson Precision Machine has become a benchmarking
case of other enterprises every year.
President Yang Yong-sik emphasizes only two things
for the people attending his lecture.

One is time technology.
He proposes that all employees divide annual salary
into second unit. If they do that, the time for
smoking is 2,200 won (2.5 dollars)
and coffee break time is 4,500 won (4.5 dollars).
He believes that this time technology avoid wasting
time unnecessarily.

The other is '5S Movement', a management renovation
strategy focusing on arranging all sorts of things
in order. He thinks that people can save money if
only they replace the thing after they finish using it.

After this strategic campaign, nobody goes
somewhere to find a thing but to bring it
in the Samson Precision Machine. Owing to this,
3 employees can work a duty that 5 employees used to do.

In addition, with this strategy,
the Samson Precision Machine became a model
company developing every year.


If you arrange things in order,
you can reduce the time to find them.

Your life can be changed by how to
use 1 minute and 1 second.

Do you want to be a person making full use of time?
Or, do you want to be a person wasting time unnecessarily?

- Wasting time is wasting life. -


An old woman talking with flowers

Sun-We visited the beautiful Keukenhof gardens. Spring is a little late this year, so most of the outdoor tulips were yet to flower. There were many daffodils out, however, and a wide selection of indoor plants, including many fancy tulips, most of which didn't appear to be suitable for outdoor growing. The plant labelling was top notch, presumably because the bulb sellers wanted people to be able to identify the bulbs for later purchase, but very few details were given, possibly because the details would have needed to be in multiple languages.<br /><br />We visited Keukenhof with the Lindbergh's "Keukenhof and flower fields" tour. There was very little flower fields (i.e. we drove past them slowly), and nine hours at Keukenhof (shorter tours also available). The nine hour tour is only recommended for the horticulturally minded. The tour left from the Dam in central Amsterdam. The windows of the buses had not been cleaned with a view to photography through glass.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
Sun, originally uploaded by Stuart Yeates

When an old woman is going out, she says,
"I'm going out now. See you soon."

When she is coming back, she says,
"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry"
"You look so thirsty. I will give you some water, baby."
"You were lonely, weren't you?"
"I will love you much more than before."

She always says,
"I love you. I love you so much!"

Who does she talk with?
An old woman, Mrs. Kim Hyo-jin,
who lives near my house,
is always talking with her flowers
she raise in her house.

It is not an insincerely dry conversation.
She talks with the flowers from the bottom
of her heart, by using all her strength.
In fact, it came as a surprise for me to
understand at first.

However, after visiting her house one day,
I realized that my dry mind was getting wet and refresh.
Looking around, I found it was warm enough.
That is why the world is still happy place to live.


Can you talk with flowers?
Do you have enough composure to have time with them?
Although you are so busy today,
how about buying a flowerpot on the way home
you can talk with anytime? Whisper your story to the flower.
"I love you, my flower."

- If you start talking with flowers, you will love the world. -


Empty boat

-at the start of my workday thursday
, originally uploaded by michale

If a man getting across a river by boat collides
against an empty boat, he would not get angry
no matter how bad man he may be.
Because it is just an empty boat nobody is in.

On the other hand, if there were somebody in the boat,
he would call out to the person to get out of
the way of his way.
Even so, if the person could not become aware of his warning,
he would shout again and start hurling a torrent of abuse.

These all happen because there is somebody in the boat.
If there were nobody, he would not shout and get angry.

Getting cross the world,
if you can make you boat empty,
nobody will quarrel with you. Nobody will hurt you.


Why and for what are you struggling?
Make you mind empty, and you will feel comfortable
and you will not have any trouble with other people.

- Have a nice day, feeling easy. -


My life found in a stolen bag

When I was a middle school student in 1986
Cheong-Ju, Chungbuk , I wasn’t a good kid.
Hanging around with friends,
I did everything you could call 'bad things' with them.

My only concern was how I could get dirty
money for my little 'entertainment'.
One of the best ways was stealing texts from
other kids' school bags,
so I could sell them and get the money.

One day, stealing a school bag as usual,
I was throwing away stuffs in the bag into an outfall.
Suddenly, I couldn't take my eyes off a name on the note.

It was one of my classmates.
I hesitated for a moment,
but it was too late to get it back to where it had been.
So I just sold the books to a used-book store
as soon as possible.
Having two dollars in my hand,
I went to the regular comic book store and
played slot machine games.

Next day, I encountered him face to face.
My heart was beating like rock and roll music drum,
but I pretended nothing happened.

However, after the day he lost his bag,
he couldn't wear glasses for almost a year.
His glasses were in the bag I threw away.
The saddest part was he was living his mom
without father and so poor that
he couldn't buy new glasses.

I felt guilty for a while,
then made a decision.
"Sang-Don, don’t wander anymore.
You're living a wonderful life.
There are thousands of people who are
in much worse situation than you are.
Try to help other people.
That's all you have to do."

I finally got the compass after hurting myself.
I found my life in the stolen school bag.
The compass I found has been guiding me to
the right way since that day.


Hurting time could give you genuine dawn,
and sometimes change you life.
You can think of other people' scar by
reflecting your own one.
It gives you time to examine yourself.

- Don't take it too hard even when you are depressed -


I'm coming closer to you.

fresh load of prisma-[poliunplugged]
fresh load of prisma, originally uploaded by untitled13

With happiness and strong feeling
This moment is passing by.

Meeting with you... and
Why is this time I think of you so brilliant?

The first line of my pocketbook...
The first inscription of my heart
In my whole body..

I suppress my beating heart full of you.

Whenever I Look into a mirror,
Whenever I remind of you,
Whenever I make a cloth in good shape,

Your delicacy,
Who can outdo you?
I smile of itself
Do you know why?

You make my pitch-black mind bright

You make me who is crying with a
big smile different at once

Who have never disappointed me with freshness.



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